Factors to pay heed to when finding a new dentist

camiel-petersonGetting work done on your teeth by someone new can be a daunting experience. You will come across quite a few people who delay visits to their dentists and endure pain till they are unable to do so since they are uncomfortable dealing with a new dentist. However, if you use the right approach, you can ensure that the experience does not turn out to be a nightmare for you. There are some things that you should keep in mind when selecting a new dentist so that you can be assured that you would not start sweating at the thought of consulting a dentist when the requirement arises.

Questions to ask

The right approach for you would be to know your dentist better before you decide that with http://dentist.kelowna-bc.ca they are indeed the one you would be consulting in the future. You should first narrow down your search to a few potential dentists, and then proceed to make an appointment with them. During your appointment, there are a few questions that you should pay attention to.

The first question that you should pay heed to is whether the locality of their office makes it convenient for you to visit them. Is there sufficient parking space present? Does the dentist stay true to their appointments or are they known to be late? Do you find it inconvenient to make the trip to the dentist and find that the experience leaves you frustrated? If this is the case, perhaps you should look for a dentist who would have an office at a more convenient place.

Next, you need to acquire an idea of how well the dentists are able to manage their schedule. Most of us like to make our dentist appointments during our break instead of taking a day off from work. Hence, time is of great value. You should also endeavor to find out if an appointment has to be made weeks in advance or if you can seek their consultation at a short notice.

Finally, it is rather important that you are comfortable with your dentist. They need to be friendly and should make an effort to put you at ease. When you first consult them, try to gauge their personality and pay heed to the way they interact with you. Do they let you have your say? Do they make an effort to put all your doubts to rest? These are some questions that you should be asking yourself.

Do not be hesitant

This is not the time to feel shy or awkward. Do not hesitate from asking the required questions. If you feel that a dentist is not willing to answer any of your queries or is taking offense at your inquisition, perhaps it would be better for you if you seek another option. Do not put yourself through anything that would render you apprehensive of consulting a dentist again.

Is it the right time for you to buy your own house?

Purchasing your own house is a dream that is seen by everyone. Everyone looks forward to the day when they would be able to buy a place that they would be able to call their home, where they would be in complete control. Indeed, this is something that everyone wants. However, before you proceed to make your dream a reality, there are certain things that you need to take into account. Since the idea of owning your own house is rather appealing, sometimes people end up making a hasty decision. Purchasing a house is not a minor decision. There is quite a bit of money involved, so you need to make sure the decision you take would not harm you in any way and would prove to be the right one for you.

Get your finances in place

debt relief leadsThe first thing that you need to do is get your finances in place. Are you financially strong enough to gather such a significant amount? Do you intend to take up a loan? If yes, then do you have a proper plan to pay the installments? Will you be able to do so alongside your monthly expenses? These are some of the questions that you would have to seek answers for. You need to make the purchase only when you are capable of handling your finances. If you intend to take a loan, interest is something else that you will have to think about.

Are you prepared to be bound to a place?

carryAs appealing as it is to get your own place, before you make the jump, you need to realize that purchasing a house will bind you to one place. Perhaps you might have to relocate to another city for employment purposes. At such times, leaving your house can be difficult. Therefore, before purchasing your own home, make sure you are ready for it. It has been seen that usually people who are well settled find to easier to buy a house and there are little chances of them having to relocate. Hence, it is better to get settled before you think of getting your own house.

Are you making a compromise?

unhappyWhile purchasing a house, you should adopt an “all or none” policy. The house you get should be the house you want. There is no emergency, so if you are not able to get the house you want at the moment, wait for the time when you will be able to do so. It is not easy to change houses, so you should strive to ensure you get the home that you truly want.

There is no denying that getting your own place is an appealing idea, but you will only be able to get full happiness out of it if you do it at the right time. Start saving money for your dream house and wait for the right time to make the jump.

Local SEO tactics for small companies

Local SEO acts as an efficient marketing tool for local businesses. It allows these businesses to market their services to local customers by channeling information through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo and business sites such as SuperPages, Touch Local, Qype, and Yelp. All small company owners must be aware of the benefits of promoting their services through search engines. By doing so, you appear not only on the top of the search engine result page but also in front of your target market.

searchThe first step is to ensure that you have a local business page for the three major search engines mentioned above (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). The business pages will create accounts for you with the desired search engines as well as three different dashboards for you to manage. All you are required to do is fill your company details such as name, location, contact number, address, and much more, which will set up the account.

The second step is all about how you present and organize your website. Firstly, you must make your site efficient by posting quality pictures and content about your work or something related to it. Furthermore, it is vital to categorize your business correctly. The search engine optimizer must understand what your website is about and be able to sort it accurately so that your target audience can access it. According to Moz Local (an online learning center for marketing), search engines do not display websites that have not been properly categorized or not categorized at all according to the keywords.

The pictures you select to display on your site must be of good quality and should represent your company’s aim. A logo is necessary, but pictures of your office and products are equally important.

It is imperative to claim your business. There is a chance that someone has already registered your optimizecompany with a search engine without you knowing. Precautionary measures must be taken to avoid such circumstances. Firstly, you must confirm if the relevant data about your company (name, address, and telephone number) is the same across all the search engines you have signed up for. Next, you should check if there is another business with the same name. There are many ways to go about this process such as using Yext or Localeze to see where your company’s listings are. Google MapMaker can also be used to check for any duplicate names or numbers. You could also search the name of your business to catch any suspicious activity. The final step is to create a citation for your company. You may have to verify your identity as the owner of the business via email or telephone. Yext or Localeze can assist in speeding up the procedure as they are known for making citations and making standardized data so that all information is accurate.

Our search engine optimization Kelowna company guarantees to guide you through the entire process smoothly with assistance at every step. Your website will be prepared to receive numerous visitors and traffic in no time.

A Tight Credit Environment Demands Careful Oversight

retireBorrowing can be tough if you don’t have an outstanding credit history. Sometimes, even the ones with gold-plated credit history can be turned down sometimes. Lenders also face difficulty accessing credit and they have responded by increasing customer defaults by tightening the lending standards.

You need to closely monitor all your credit scores and avoid any behavior that can trigger higher interest rates, reduced credit limits, and canceled accounts as all of these can lower your credit scores.

Take These Precautions

Check your credit reports and scores

houston debt consolidation servicesEquifax, Experian, and TransUnion are three major credit bureaus that track your entire credit history and compile the credit reports that show a snapshot of your entire credit behavior. They are also responsible for creating the three-digit credit scores that can help lenders, landlords and employers determine if you’re worth the risk.

It’s important to know the information that appears on your credit report because errors or fraudulent activities can seriously damage the score. Furthermore, not checking your credit card is financially equivalent to driving a car with your eyes shut and there’s no exaggeration here.

If you didn’t already know, you can order one credit report every year for free from each of the three bureaus through annualcreditreport.com. You can also purchase your credit score’s copies for $15 at myfico.com.

Know what your credit score measures

The popular VISA survey uncovered some misconceptions about factors that can impact your credit score. A vast majority of customers were correctly able to identify bill payment history, current debt level, and interest rates on current debt as the measurable factors. However, surprisingly, a quarter of the survey population thought that race, national origin, and gender can also play a role.

Let’s set the record straight once and for all. Five factors will determine the credit score which are payment history, the length of credit history, the amount owed, newly opened credit accounts, and the types of credit you have used. Scores consider positive and negative information from each of these categories, but these factors can be weighed differently depending on a person’s individual circumstances.

Read your mail

peaceAccount terms such as interest rates, credit limits, and payment deadlines can be subject to change. Make sure you read all correspondences from retailers and lenders where you have an account even if it may look like junk mail.

Some other additional tips can be to pay all your bills on time and pay at least the minimum amount on your credit cards and other loans. If you’re unable to make the payment, contact the lender before the deadline is past to work out some compromise.

Don’t use more than the 30% of one credit card’s credit or overall available credit from all the cards you own. Unpaid bills can get lost, so you should track all the bills and regularly check insurance statements for errors or underpayments.

If you’re aware of where your present credit stands, you’ll be able to correct mishaps before they impact your credit score.


Sea & Explore Belize

Sea & Explore, Inc. offers a wide variety of single or combination packages to help you experience the best of Belize. Whether you wish to spend your full visit on the water, exploring the interior or a combination of both, a package will be customized to your taste.

…because it’s
…..nowhere does the Caribbean come alive so magically than in this land of unequaled semi-tropical beauty. Sparkling clear waters teeming with underwater adventure …gleaming unspoiled beaches that offer both privacy and friendship… the diving thrill of the world’s second largest Barrier Reef… warm, inviting trade winds to accompany you everywhere you travel… an interior rich in natural rivers, rain forests, jungle, exotic wildlife and mysterious ancient Maya history….
Belize has it all

Caribbean Waters
Islands – Cayes and Atolls
176 Mile Barrier Reef
Unspoiled Beaches
Rainforests & Jungles
Rivers and Waterfalls
Ancient Maya Ruins
Explored and Unexplored Caves
Diving and Snorkeling
Freshwater Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Reef Fishing
Canoe Trips
Jungle Trail Adventures
White Water Rafting
Modern Conveniences
Excellent Restaurants and Bars
Transportation Accommodations
Paved Highways and Access Roads
Luxury or Rustic Hotel Accommodations
Owned and operated by Sue and Tony Castillo, native Belizeans who take great pride and pleasure in welcoming and guiding visitors to the country of their ancestors. Sue and Tony have traveled extensively throughout Belize, experiencing and exploring all of its potential to ensure their clients the most enjoyable, care-free holiday possible. Sue was formerly with the Belize Ministry of Tourism and has had over a decade of experience in the travel industry. Her expertise and her pride in her beautiful native country are the keys to the Caribbean holiday everyone dreams of taking. There’s something for everyone – adventure, beauty, tranquility, excitement…its all there…because it’s

Member of the Belize Tourist Industry Association and the Belize Audubon Society.

Punta Ycacos

Looking for a new frontier?

Come see an old place, a place to discover without the crowd.

Come to Punta Ycacos in the Toledo district of Belize!!


Toledo is perhaps one of the most undisturbed areas in Belize. The quiet, peaceful and clean atmosphere is what makes it so desireable. Let the breeze cleanse your soul so your spirit can relax. To know Toledo is to experience it!.
There is something for everyone – whether it is basking in the sun on the beach, looking for exotic shells, taking a dip in the warm Caribbean or a fasicinating snorkel trip. Once you’ve discovered this hospitable paradise, the only reason you’ll want to leave is to tell your friends about it!

pyc2 Spanish Mackrels, eagle rays, tarpons, barracuda, snappers, groupers, jacks, permit fish can be found in the waters around Punta Ycacos. It is also a snorkelers paradise. Come snorkel around our offshore atolls, reef walls, coral caverns, fabulous drop-offs and shallow gardens of brilliant corals.

pyc7 Another adventure awaits you in exlploring the mystical Mayan sites. Come see Wild Cane Caye, an Ancient Mayan archeological site. It is said that some old pirates are buried on the caye. We will arrange road trips from Punta Gorda to the ancient Mayan cities of Nim Li Punit and Lubantuun. We also offer road trips from Punta Gorda through the jungle to view the exotic plant and wildlife in a place of wander and tranquility.

pyc4 You can set up camp on 250 acres of Beach, Jungle, Swamp, Savannah & Pine Ridge Forest. The Orchids and Bromeliads(some larger than you) drape the trees and cover the ground. Hawks, Storks, Owls, White Osprey and Blue Egrets(to name a few) sing and dance through the trees.

Manatees swim by, sea turtles nest on the beach. You can track Jaguars or Deer in the Pine Ridge.
Exotic and rare herbal plants are everywhere to a trained eye and that’s just on the shore. Just off the beach is a mile of shallow coral and sea grass, great for snorkeling. Off the point of the southern tip is a wall of coral heads and sea ferns as tall as 20 feet. Giant Manta Ray glide by like they are out fo a stroll in their own underwater garden.

The Cayes

Wild Cane Caye was built up by the Mayans. They brought the soil out in dugout canoes and re-created 7 hills. This caye was a trading & fishing center for the Mayans because of the protected water access and location. The widest variety of fruit trees, plants, and vegetables of all the cayes can be found at Wild Cane Caye. Artifacts, Graves, and Excavation sites are everywhere. A MUST SEE!

West Snake Caye offers the finest snorkeling in Port Honduras. The beach is great for a day excursion to explore the under water gardens of coral & ferns. The area just off the beach is an aqua teal sand bottom(natural swimming pool). Picture postcard views all around.

Punta Negra is a fishing village which is just a 5 mile hike up the beach.
Shells, driftwood & whatever washes up along the way will keep you busy just looking around.
Midway, take the trail to the areas largest freshwater lake. You may see some of the kids from Punta Negra with their dogs going fishing, or Croccodiles sunning themselves on the banks.


For the adventurous, try bush bashing, it’s great! Take a machete and some water and go. There are survey lines every 150-500 feet so you cannot get lost. trails go everywhere.

Orchid Trails | Pine Forest | Mangrove | Savannah | New Haven

or take the Kayaks and paddle where you like. Like it a little more relaxing? Take a life vest or tire tube & snorkel gear & tuborkel down the coast and see what’s down there.

Whether it’s touring the cayes, snorkeling, hiking, or just laying on the beach.
Paradise Christina Camping & Jungle Adventure Tours
will make your stay at Punta Ycacos an unforgettable experience.
For your next getaway don’t just make it a destination,


Services Available

Weather Permitting
  • Tour of the cayes
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Jungle Trail|Hiking
  • Beach BBQ
  • Bird Watching
  • Rainforest | Exotic plants and Herbal Healing
  • Sail Charter – New Haven
  • Camping
  • Photography
  • Star Gazing
  • Orchids
  • Kayaking
  • Tuborkeling(Tubing and snorkeling along the coast of Punta Ycacos)



Suggested Gear List

We strongly recommend that you include the following items in your pack.


  • Passport
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Swim Suits
  • Sun Screen
  • All Terrain Sandals
  • Hiking Boots or High Top Tennis Shoes
  • Sun Glasses
  • Rainjacket
  • Long sleeve & short sleeve shirts
  • Long & short pants(lightweight)
  • Toiletries & towel
  • Hat with draw string
  • Tent & canteen
  • Waterproof Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Solar powered battery charger desireable
  • Radio
  • Pocket Knife
  • Tent and other camping gear
  • Zip Lock Bag
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Laundry soap

Camping Facilities Includes

We strongly but not limited to

  • Cooking facilities
  • Pots & Pans
  • Plates – Utensils
  • Cups
  • Portable Toilet
  • Machetes
  • Use of 2 Kayaks
  • 3 person Dingy with motor
  • Food
  • Binoculars
  • Generator to charge batteries
  • The captain & the skiff

Arrangements for a cook can be made and cost extra.


  • TACA International Airlines flies to Belize International Airport from Miami, New Orleans, Houston and Los Angeles.
  • American Airlines
  • Continental AirlinesQUICK FACTS
  • Language: English(official) and Spanish
  • Electricty: 110/220 60 cycle
  • Entry requirements: Proof of U.S. and Commonwealth citizen – valid passport
  • Currency: BZ$1.00 = US$0.50
  • Dress: Light, informal tropical clothing
  • Prohibited: Removing and exporting coral, hunting without a license. Picking Orchids in forest reserves. Removing archeological artifacts.
  • Medical services available

    Paradise Christina
    Camping & Jungle Adventure Tours
    P.O.Box 172
    Punta Gorda, Belize
    Contact : Robert Stolf at (504) 889-1848


Fish for marlin, sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, tuna, mackerel, snapper
and grouper between Belize’s barrier reef and offshore atolls.
Includes tackle, bait & soft drinks.
1-4 Persons 5-10 Persons
1/2 Day $300> $600
Full Day (lunch) $500 $1000
Fish all day long for tarpon and snook in the historic Belize and Sibun Rivers.
Price includes tackle, lunch & soft drinks. 1-3 persons.
Fish the flats for bonefish and tarpon.
Includes tackle & soft drinks. 1-3 persons.
1/2 Day(2 dives) $300
Full Day(lunch) $400
One of our most popular packages lets you fish & dive all in the
same day! Includes fishing tackle, 2 dives (tanks & weights
provided), soft drinks & lunch on a deserted island. 1-4 persons.
Spend a half day looking for the gentle manatee in its natural
surroundings. Includes soft drinks. 2 persons minimum

TEL/FAX 02-35505

(ALL prices in $US and subject to change without notice;
trips subject to cancellation due to weather & group size;
* indicates per person)



Long before Ecotourism became a “buzz word” in the travel industry, Mountain Equestrian Trails was practicing it. MET was established in 1986 to provide the perfect solution for those wishing to experience the rainforest without endangering them or the people who live within them. Our gentle, well behaved horses ensure that even a novice rider will find himself so relaxed with the horse that he/she can really enjoy the scenery around him.

Our 60 miles of trails have been opened since 1986. Most of the trails utilize old logging paths that have simply been “cleaned” in order to be used. In addition, new trails were cut to connect with existing routes, opening up new areas. The trails wind through both the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve and Slate Creek Preserve, allowing access to remote, tropical waterfalls and spectacularly formed limestone caves, some of which still contain undisturbed relics of the Maya civilization.

Our “Turf” and “Turf & Surf” Adventure tours have become increasingly popular over the last several years and are featured in the catalogues of major international equestrian tour operators such as Equitour and FITS Equestrian. Our packaged tours have appeared in TACA’s “Aboard” magazine, as well as in “Horse and Rider” magazine. The tours include 5 and 8 night packages featuring 4 days of riding to our major riding attractions as well as vehicle tours to sites throughout the Cayo District such as Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, El Pilar, Hidden Valley Falls, Rio On Pools and Rio Frio Caves in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Optional extensions are available to Tikal and to the barrier reef and cayes. We pride ourselves on giving· our guests the best individual service and providing professionally guided tours to remote locations where few others venture.



The Cantina is our focal point, acting as the bar, restaurant and leisure area. With its tall thatched roof and its open air design, the Cantina evokes a simple yet comfortable feeling. From every vantage point, magnificent panoramic views of the Slate Creek Preserve and Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve can be seen. The cuisine is varied, including Texan barbeque, Mexican, Chinese, and Belizean dishes. Wherever possible we include seasonal fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. Home baked breads, tortillas, pastries and desserts as well as freshly squeezed juices complement the varied international menu.

The thatched-roof Spanish-style cabanas are spacious, cool and comfortable, with private baths and hot and cold water in each room. With Maya decor, romantic kerosene lighting, and a hammock in every room, the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing.

Mountain Equestrian Trails is unquestionably Belize’s premier horseback riding center. With a strong reputation for both innovation and professionalism within the equestrian community, MET is now expanding into the wider field of adventure tourism. MET’s adventure programs feature a combination of “hard” and “soft” itineraries that range from overnight “camping” trips, to extended riding treks to the ancient citadel of Caracol.

In addition to horseback riding and expeditions, MET’s on site “stable” of activities includes float/caving trips, horse-drawn wagon rides, and birding along extensive forest trails. Environmental awareness is an integral part of any MET activity. Experienced guides familiar with the local culture, flora and fauna, are always on hand to answer your queries. In addition, MET offers individuals or groups tailor made itineraries throughout Belize as well as to Tikal in Guatemala.

We pride ourselves at MET on pre-ride orientation. Care is taken to match the rider(by obtaining height, weight, and riding experience) with the most suitable horse and tack. There is no need to worry about rain gear, water bottles, or camera bags; these are provided. During planning, we select only the most interesting routes, passing through varied ecosystems which are carefully explained by your knowledgeable guide. We will identify traditional uses of plants, visit Maya ruins: and of course enjoy the exhilarating experience of riding through a pristine environment. It is important that riders wear hiking boots, tennis shoes (with socks), or riding boots, as well as long single seamed trousers or jodhpurs. We remind clients that our half day and full day rides do include breaks for trekking, caving and swimming, and that lunch is included in all rides.

MET is located at mile 8 on the Mountain Pine Ridge Road(also known as Chiquibul) Road in Cayo district, western Belize. Turn left onto the Mountain Pine Ridge Road at Georgeville, 64 miles from Belize City. We are only one mile from the border of the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Due to our elevated location, you will find the temperatures moderate and pleasant year round.

“Hundreds of different orchids and bromiliads come into close range as you ride the trails that constantly change from shaded jungle floors to sunlit valleys. Your horse activates clouds of butterflies as its legs brush against the undergrowth. The color palatte of these fluttering art forms is endless. Occasionally, you’ll see the magnificent iridescent-blue or the pearly-white giants of the Morpho butterfly species. Bring your camera, or you’ll surely wish you had. The scenery is postcard perfect, and you’ll certainly want a photo album record of the ride, the barbeque, and shots of yourself as an authentic cowpoke.”
TACA’s “Aboard” magazine
November/December ’87

“Wonderful guides, great horses, beautiful sites, fabulous food, great service. Can I say more? I can’t wait to come back! Thanks!”
Kathy Gonzales
Austin, Texas

“After being in Belize for 6 weeks, this has been by far and away the best day. There is a magic that exists between the pine ridge and the jungle right here at MET.”
John Steinberg
Los Angeles, California

Buy boots on the internet

Mountaineering can be a fantastic technique to see the open air. It might imply a whole lot to a hiker after they go trekking. Walking is known as a sport and yet not a game. It could be fantastic enjoyable to go on a mountaineering vacation with family members and close friends. One of the most significant thing to bear in mind is that you’ll need great hiking gear. You will need proper mountain climbing boot styles for a beneficial and enjoyable mountain climbing journey. Boot styles that are usually meant for trekking usually usually are not your office type of footwear. You need to look for trekking footwear which are actually challenging and sturdy. You will need a couple of footwear which might be simple in your your feet. The finest leather is usually implemented for producing a few of these boot styles. Your climbing footwear might be impacted by all kinds climate conditions. A good set of two climbing shoes or boots can attract loads of men and women.

There are usually actually quite a few wonderful models of mountain climbing shoes or boots attainable online too. The internet is really a amazing spot to buy trekking shoes or boots as you are usually able to get a great great buy. In most situations, the brand of walking boot styles you seek will probably be available inside a shoe store near you. The sole of these boot styles needs to be pretty uncomplicated on the foot. You will need to have shoes or boots with soles that supply a superb soft clinching for the foot. If the soles don’t have enough cushions on them, you might hurt your your feet while climbing. Even the laces of these boot styles are actually significant. In most situations, the upper subject matter of those mountaineering boots are actually produced from challenging leather. These trekking boots ought to stay unaffected by temperature and water. Plastic is actually a wonderful fabric for these climbing boots as rubber is soft and simple around the soles. Lots of folks choose to buy hiking shoes or boots with synthetic upper supplies. Shoes or boots can also be produced from leather and artificial materials this could be more affordable.

You certainly usually carry out not want shoes or boots which can be too heavy. Heavy climbing boots would not be best for hiking. You can love your climbing expeditions far more if you have a light set of footwear. One can find a variety of leading companies manufacturing walking boots. Most shoe stores are actually inclined to have walking footwear too. You might want to not be shocked if you find the finest climbing shoes or boots online. The majority of people will need to be just a little careful when they buy boot styles online. Online shoe stores usually are great locations to purchase shoes but you should invest in from honest online shops only. This is due to the fact you will find lots of web-sites that sell poor top quality materials and are usually usually fraudulent. Online scams could cheat you of the money and also you may well not receive your footwear at all. The top thing to accomplish should be to read online critiques. Whenever you study online critiques on trekking boot styles, you are usually in a far better situation to make a good option of boots.